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I am a strong believer in the power of hands-on learning

 As a retired high school TV production teacher I know that the best way to teach television is to have students actually produce television. Hands-on progressively more difficult exercises that mimic real world TV reinforce learning, facilitate comprehension, and ultimately challenge the student to synthesize new problem solving abilities from the knowledge they've gained in previous exercises.

it takes more than having the right technology

Cameras and production switchers are important tools in a teacher's toolbox. But, what makes them indispensable are the scripts that they were created to produce. With rare exception, if there is no script there can be no television program. 

I want you to become an even better teacher

Given enough time you could certainly write a single practice script for your class. But, if the objective is to create an exercise that mimics the real world then, in addition to writing just the script, you would also have to find, shoot, and edit B-roll video, SOTs, and packages to accompany that script. Furthermore, a single standalone script is hardly adequate as a classroom tool. TV production students need to learn in stages over the course of multiple, progressively more difficult exercises. A single script barely begins the process of learning. The simple fact is that, to be effective, you'd have to write many scripts.  Your time is better spent teaching not prepping to teach.

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Here are just a few samples of what you’ll get. 

A Note to the Instructor (pdf)


Practice Newscast 01 - Show Rundown (pdf)


Practice Newscast 01 - Show Script (pdf)


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